On her debut album French Impressions, flautist Sofia de Salis has dedicated herself to a repertoire whose melodic attraction and varied expressiveness shows the instrument perhaps in its best light. With the highly diverse characteristics and the heterogenic style of the works, one can follow up the French tradition of the 20th century, ranging from late Romantic sound ideals, to impressionism, and up to avant garde. The CD was created in cooperation with Russian pianist Elina Kachalova at the label ARS Produktion – for the renowned Swiss flautist Felix Renggli it already “is a wonderful example of finest chamber music with the flair and colour of french flute music. Well balanced, freshly played, this recording is an inspired performance of music, composed in the golden age of flute.”



In the interplay of the flute and the piano, the character of the probably oldest and one of the younger musical instruments find each other. While simple flutes made of bone or wood in Europe can be traced back to around 43,000 years ago, the transverse flute first appears as a clearly identifiable musical instrument on Etruscan reliefs, which can be dated to around 200 to 100 BC. The piano in its present form, on the other hand, is a 19th-century development; meanwhile, in the first half of the 19th century, the transverse flute was given the form that is usual today thanks to the Munich flute maker and flautist Theobald Böhm.

While the piano, as a keyboard instrument, conveys a more or less percussive sound that is orchestral in scope and spectrum, the flute counters this with a fine and permanent flow of melody that has fascinated musicians and listeners alike with its spherical character for ages. It is precisely this tonal tendency of the flute towards the atmospheric, atmospheric, and also towards the fragile that has inspired composers at all times, especially those of French Impressionism and its contemporary stylistic developments, to sonorous works of the most diverse genres and characteristics.

Francis Poulenc (1899–1963)
Sonata pour flute et piano op. 164 (1956/57)
1 Allegretto malinconico | 4:25
2 Cantilena | 4:09
3 Presto giocoso | 3:35

Pierre Sancan (1916–2008)
Sonatina pour flute et piano (1946)
4 Moderato – Andante espressivo – Animé | 10:12

Claude Debussy (1862–1918)
arranged for flute and piano by Tatiana Smirnova
5 Romance (No. 1 from L. 79) | 1:48
6Beau soir (L. 6) | 2:25
7 Le faune (No. 2 from L. 104) | 1:55

André Jolivet (1862–1918)
8 Chant de Linos
for flute and piano (1944) | 10:59

Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)
9 Pieces en forme de Habanera (1907) | 3:11
arranged for flute and piano by Louis Fleury

Jules Mouquet (1867–1946)
La flûte de Pan
Sonata for flute and piano op. 15 (1906)
10 Pan et les bergers | 3:48
11 Pan et les oiseaux | 5:56
12 Pan et les nymphes | 5:14


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